My company exists to focus on you. I want to know what your dreams are, the childhood memories that make you wistful, the holidays that charged your soul and the memories you’d like to create.

When I know you, I can design and create the inspiring garden you are yearning for, large or small. Home is sanctuary, so it's not surprising that many people feel most at peace in their garden if it has been designed to entice them to connect with it. You see, it’s not about what we like, it’s about you and who you aspire to be. Imagine an inspiring environment to rest from the world and just be in nature - at home, at work, where you seek health care, where you connect to your community or where you seek solace and reflection. Think about the imagination and creativity a child finds in a playground crafted from nature and how that might change how they cope with stress as an adult. Nature helps us find ways through the ups and downs of life and nurtures us with exquisite beauty and power along the way.  There's a downloadable photo gallery and a few case studies here to take you through some of our recent work. Enjoy!

I’d like you to trust our team and know the expertise you are engaging. The link below takes you to a bit of history about us, our many awards and media - an introduction in a way. You will find that Dirtscape Dreaming is different in many ways; we are carving a path that is our own, bringing the security of nature home in a global landscape of uncertainty. Gardens are a universal language of peace, a beauty that any culture instinctively can connect to. Providing that opportunity world wide is what drives us to grow, learn, dream and create. Our work is highly respected and awarded amongst our peers, uninfluenced by trends but known for sowing seeds of change. 

My passion is to connect people to what they love about nature, let them find themselves and each other through the peace they find within, then help them grow into possibilities and leave limitations behind. I believe that creativity is within all of us, if we can just let ourselves dream for a little while without our minds telling us it could never work. Beautiful environments are inspiring and create that space in our minds to allow ideas in. 

If you're ready to share your dreams, call or fill in the online form and we'll meet you for a design consultancy visit. All locations enquiries welcome for consultancy and guest speaking opportunities. Keep an eye on the Events list and come along to a workshop or talk to create, get inspired and feel the passion we bring to our work. Country locations happily added on request.
To learn more about our services and the process of design, take a look at the services brochure - I promise it's very pretty! Finally, if you'd like to know about the awards we've won, projects we've done, places to find us in print, some nice things said by clients without duress and the kinds of things we contribute to, just click on the link below!

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Creating a Garden Retreat : coming in the New Year

This half day workshop will help you plan a special place in your garden for retreat and reflection. Ideal for anyone working through change in their life, looking for tranquility in a connection to nature. Open to all. For more information email wendy@dirtscapedreaming.com.au

Healing Garden Design : an Introduction - Next condensed course beginning soon! 27/28/29 May 2016 

A profoundly thought provoking course over 3 days. 

When emotional pain is buried, we begin the process of illness. Creating a deep and personal connection to nature brings feelings of safety & upliftment, enabling a letting go, the state where spiritual growth and wellness can thrive. Creators of gardens must understand these connections to help people and nature heal together. This course will give you an introduction to these concepts with skills to begin to heal. Download brochure here:

Healing Garden design course brochure (.pdf)

For booking forms please email betsy-sue@dirtscapedreaming.com.au or call Betsy-Sue on 0413 044 631

What is a garden for healing?

It's the garden where you feel so safe and connected in nature that you can emotionally let go. Children are naturally drawn to places to hide in nature. A cave of twigs under a leafy low branch with a little door on the front and a sign 'Kids only' is a consistent winner. They can't help themselves. In that space of safety they lose themselves in their own thoughts, imagination and play. Imagine as an adult, coming across a hidden pocket in a beautiful garden and finding a cocoon to nestle in, womb like with luscious cushions and green all around. No-one can find you there easily, you are safe to just be and find peace. You can hear the birds flit around, the water trickle nearby and the scent of flowers tickles your senses. Imagine it if was your garden, if it was in every park you came across, every workplace and hospital. Wouldn't we have a different view of life? 

When feelings get on top of us and illness hits, we often retreat from social interaction, yet mostly our parks and gardens are designed only for that. Seats are out in the open, surrounded by vast swathes of hard surface with minimal and uninspirational planting. It leaves us feeling exposed when we really want the opposite, so there is no desire to spend time connecting with the little bit of nature offered in spaces like this. Nature is a great healer. We know that because we often choose to escape from cities on holidays, coming back more peaceful and happy. Yet that connection with feelings of well being and nature is overlooked when returning to the city. A garden for healing will be a place you want to linger, that gives you opportunities to be in the environment you need like a natural womb like cave, a pretty and uplifting hug of flowers with a shady tree or on top of a hill with a long view connecting you to endless possibilities or ideally, all three. This is the philosophy behind all our design work, working closely with the clients to weave positive associations into every aspect of the landscape. 'Life changing', 'tranquil', 'Sanctuary' and 'Peaceful' are how people often describe how they feel in our gardens. Can you imagine something so beautiful surround you every day?

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Dirtscape Dreaming Gifts

Our creativity knows no limitations. Be captivated by the magical SoupBowl gardens, tiny enough for your office desk or Nanna’s room in the nursing home. Let your imagination run free in these beautiful living worlds of nature and escape the mundane for a while. Find a peaceful spot in the garden for a Whimsical Teepee sparkling with crystals and copper, or create some magic by your front door with a Whimsical Potted Teepee. Be inspired and feel uplifted..

See images and details of our new products and stockists in the brochure link below.